Lamb Park Homes
Maidstone Road
Paddock Wood
Kent TN12 6DA

This Code of Conduct is established to render Lamb’s Mobile Home Park as attractive and pleasant as possible and to ensure the comfort and convenience of park residents.   It is not intended to interfere with their privacy, but to protect them from deterioration of the park.

An Occupier is licensed to occupy a Pitch only after acceptance of the provisions of this Code of Conduct.

Each occupancy Agreement is solely between the resident and the Site Owner.   Occupation is at the discretion of the Site Owner, and no subletting will be agreed to.

Pitch fees are payable monthly in advance, by standing order, on the first day of every calendar month before 12 o’clock midday.   The Occupier is required to give the Site Owner one months notice of his intention to quit or pitch fee in lieu.   Likewise the Occupier is entitled to one months notice if asked to quit by the Site Owner.

2          THE PITCH
The Pitch which is licensed to the Occupier is the ground covered by the mobile home and does not extend to any other portion of the park.   Each Pitch is licensed for residential use only and not for business use.

3          THE MOBILE HOME
No smoking permitted at any time in the home.

No external or internal structural alteration of or addition to the mobile home is permitted.

Electrical installations in the mobile home must comply with the requirements of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and once tested and approved may not be modified without notification and further test and approval.

The underneath of the mobile home must be kept clear of anything that may constitute a fire hazard or attract vermin.

Under no circumstances must the area under the mobile home be boxed in, or the wheels or tow bars removed.

4          THE SURROUND
The lawn surrounding the pitch is to be kept clean, tidy and neatly mown, at least once a week in the summer and when necessary during the winter.   Under no circumstances must turf be removed from the back of the curb or edges of paths etc., as this weakens the curb. Any trees and shrubs on the surround are the responsibility of the Site Owner and are not to be interfered with in any way, and special care must be taken not to damage these when mowing.   Gardens or the planting of flowers, vegetables, shrubs or trees is strictly forbidden.   Flower tubs of approved design only (no tins, baths, boxes or sinks etc.) are allowed provided these are not placed forward of the tow bar and elsewhere are kept within 2’6″ of the mobile home. The number of pots or tubs not to exceed six.   The only other objects allowed on the surround are one 6ft x 4ft shed one rotary clothesline, one T.V. mast (maximum height 12ft.) and council dustbins.   Siting of satellite dishes is at the discretion of the Site Owner.   Under no circumstances are mopeds or motorcycles to be taken onto the surround.   Under no circumstances are holes to be dug or stakes of any sort to be driven into the ground without the supervision of the Site Owner.   Fences are strictly forbidden.   Sheds must be treated ONLY with Red Cedar preservative to maintain the natural red colour.

A caravan must be insured by the occupier against such risks as the Site Owner may reasonably require and the policy or renewal receipt must be produced to him on request.   The third party insurance maintained by the Site Owner does not indemnify a resident against any claim that he, the resident, may become liable. All residents’ property which is accommodated is at the risk of the resident and no responsibility is accepted by the Site Owner for theft or for damage to such property.

Each caravan must be provided, by the Occupier, with a fire extinguisher of a type approved for caravans.   (Those employing carbon tetrachloride, methyl bromide or chlorobromethane can be dangerous in caravans and should not be used).

Connections of caravans or alterations to Park sewerage, waste water, fresh water and electricity systems may be carried out only by the Site Owner or his agent.   Lagging of all pipes, should it be necessary, is the responsibility of the Occupier.

As all water supplied to the site is metered, the use of hoses for washing down caravans, cars or watering of lawns is strictly forbidden.

Occupiers must ensure that tap and valve washers are replaced promptly when necessary or at the request of the Site Owner.

7          VEHICLES
Parking on site is at the discretion of the Site Owner.   Occupiers are responsible for their own and visitors vehicles.   All visitors cars must use the Transvesa entrance and use the car park by that exit.   All vehicles brought on site must be taxed and insured at all times.   Vehicles are not permitted to park or wait anywhere except at the designated car parks.   Roads must be kept clear at all times.   Trade or commercial vehicles are not allowed to be kept on the Park without special arrangement with the Site Owner.   Everyone is expected to observe a 5 m.p.h. speed limit.

8          CHILDREN
As we are a park of middle-aged and retired people, without children, residents must ensure that visitor’s children keep within the confines of their own surround and not constitute a nuisance to other residents.

9          ANIMALS
No animals of any description nor aviaries may be kept upon the Park and it is particularly mentioned that neighbouring cats and dogs should not be encouraged by feeding.   Visitors dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and mess must be cleared up immediately.

10        NOISE
Musical instruments, record players, radios, T.V., other appliances and motor vehicles must not be used so as to cause nuisance to others, especially during the hours of darkness.

Residents must keep their own parking area clean and not leave old canvas or plastic sheets lying around.   These must be stowed in the boots of cars when not in use.   All oil tins and rubbish coming from cars or car maintenance must be placed in residents own dustbin and not left on the car park.

Under no circumstances may residents interfere with or remove building materials, i.e. plant, hard-core, stones, shingle, bricks, timber or stakes etc. from wherever they have been stored or left by the Site Owner.

All lawn cuttings and leaves that are collected from the surround must be placed in the council bin provided for recycling.   Under no circumstances must these cuttings be placed anywhere else on the site. When mowing lawns residents must make certain that all cuttings that fall on the road and communal paths are swept up.

All household refuse must be placed in the dustbins and under no circumstances must refuse be tipped or dumped anywhere whatsoever on site, particularly not on the Site Owner’s bonfire which is used for hedge and tree prunings only.   Such rubbish as cannot be put into the dustbin must be handed to the council refuse collector.

No vehicle may wait or park anywhere except in the car parks provided.

A fire extinguisher of a type approved by the several competent authorities must be installed in each home.

It is dangerous for anyone, especially children to interfere with fire points and appliances.   These are for use only in emergency.   It is advised that gas cylinders should not be placed inside homes unless in a compartment as prescribed in the British Code of Practice CP:339 (Par 2 (1956)).

Portable oil and gas heaters can cause excessive condensation and some fire risk and their use is prohibited.

The Site Owner hopes that your mobile home at Lamb’s Mobile Home Park will be a happy one, he will do his utmost to make it so.

For further information please contact Lamb Park Homes